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our story

Thornham Marina, located in the serene Prinsted Bay at the heart of Chichester Harbour, embodies a peaceful sanctuary for boat enthusiasts. Established with the vision of providing a secure and welcoming environment for the boating community, Thornham has grown into a premier destination combining modern amenities with the charm of traditional marina values.

Our Background

Since its acquisition in September 2002 by Jonny Boys, Thornham Marina has undergone extensive renovations aimed at enhancing its facilities while preserving its quaint, traditional atmosphere. Under the ownership of The Trafalgar Group, the marina has seen the introduction of new Walcon pontoons, a luxurious shower block, and upgraded office and workshop spaces. These improvements underscore our commitment to maintaining a top-tier marina that respects its heritage.

our Facilities

Thornham Marina blends traditional charm with modern efficiency, offering 81 drying pontoon berths and 13 swinging moorings, supplemented by additional berths in a gated deep-water pool. Each berth features convenience. The marina also hosts a fully-stocked chandlery, sail repair services, and a vibrant marine community.

Stay at Thornham

Launched in 2019, The Arks at Thornham Marina offer a unique, luxurious stay on the water. These custom-built Ark 900 boats, designed in collaboration with Walcon Marine, provide perfect comfort for two, combining modern elegance with practicality. Experience a serene escape or an adventurous exploration in Chichester Harbour with every stay in these innovative floating retreats.

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